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Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Slovenia, Ljubljana

Services delivered by the national Institute of Public Health, established by the government in 1992, and by nine regional Institutes of Public Health represent the mainstay of preventive health care in Slovenia.

The Institute's major fields of activity include: social medicine, hygiene, environmental health, epidemiology of infectious diseases, public health laboratory services , health information systems, mental health and health promotion.


Personal ID Card - Fields of work

Health and Health Research

We collect, organise and analyse health-related statistical data in the fields of diagnoses, attendance, staff and visiting hours in out-patient facilities, out-patient specialist services and in hospitals. We publish the collected data in the Health Statistics Year Book and make the data available to the users at home and abroad.

Health Care Organisation, Economics and Informatics

We prepare the contents for legislation in the field of health activities and participate in the planning and research of health care service. We perform analyses concerning the valuation of health care financing in Slovenia and the economic valuation of health programmes. We take part in preparing and conducting studies of health status and opinion surveys concerning the health care system. In the field of health informatics, we prepare uniform definitions and standards for health information system in Slovenia; we are also involved in harmonisation of national health-related statistical publications.

Environmental Health

We check the suitability of foodstuffs, drinking water, bathing waters, objects of general consumption, such as toys and cosmetics. We give proposals of the elimination of incompatibilities when they arise and their improvements, we shape professional guidelines and starting points for the preparation of regulations.

Communicable Diseases

We collect and analyse the data on communicable diseases, we identify their characteristics and spread risk. We develop preventive programmes to reduce their spread and to eliminate communicable diseases. We have also been preparing a programme of vaccination and a co-ordinated carrying out of vaccinations throughout the country.

Health Promotion

We develop and implement preventive programmes and projects by which we want to exercise an influence on life style and other health-related factors. We prepare brochures and organise training for different target groups such as teachers, medical staff, parents, school-age children and adolescents. We conduct various surveys concerning the behaviour which affects people's health.

Out-Patient Facility

We advise those who travel abroad on the necessary protective measures to take and we vaccinate them. The vaccinations we perform are against yellow fever, influenza, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, pneumococcal pneumonia, tick-borne meningoencephalitis and against other communicable diseases.


We perform microbiological and chemical analyses of foodstuffs, water, objects of general consumption and other samples from the environment. We also make microbiological analyses of faeces and urine specimens and of smears of nose, pharynx and lesions.

Tit Albreht M.Sc. M.D.
Acting Manager, Centre for Health and Health Research
Institute of Public Health
Trubarjeva 2
1000 Ljubljana

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