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National Institute of Population and Social Security Research (IPSS), Tokyo

Logo IPSS - National Institute of Population and Social Security, Tokyo

Mission Statement

Under the circumstances of population and economy, the Japanese social security system, which has been maintained based on relatively young population structure and high economic growth rate, must be reviewed fundamentally. Keeping an eye on other advanced countries facing such problems and developing countries aiming at the establishment of social security system in view, we analyze the socioeconomic background of population fluctuation in Japan and study an accurate forecast about future population.

Moreover, we analyze some fields of social security, e.g., pension, medical care, child care, nursing care, etc., in a social-scientific approach. We perform theoretical and empirical research to show the overview of mutual relationship between population, economy, society and social security. We are aiming at releasing the results of such research and linking them to an actual policy.

The IPSS was a partner institution of the International Network Health Policy & Reform from 2002 until 2005.