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Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS), Vienna

Logo IHS Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna

In 1963 the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS) was founded as a private non-profit organization by Paul F. Lazarsfeld and Oskar Morgenstern with support from the Ford Foundation, the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, and the City of Vienna.

From its very beginning, the IHS was operating on the principle that scientific enterprise, scientific co-operation and scientific problem solutions offer a platform for critical discussions, a possibility for consensus formation, and an open and interdisciplinary place for scientific research and critical scientific expertise.

The mission of the Institute is threefold:

(a) to offer a top-level post-graduate education,

(b) to engage in frontier academic research, and

(c) to act as a key provider of (policy- and business-oriented) applied research.

IHS HealthEcon

HealthEcon is an multidisciplinary research group of the Department of Economics and Finance (Eco&Fin) working on economic, demographic, epidemiological, and political issues in the provision of health services. This includes the estimation of future demand, health insurance problems, efficiency measurement, the development of benchmark systems, the evaluation of interventions, and comparative studies of health and social security systems.

The IHS was a partner institution of the International Network Health Policy & Reform from 2002 until 2009.