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University of Maastricht, Department of Health Organization, Policy and Economics (BEOZ)

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The BEOZ group is a research group that consists of about 40 experts who use their combined knowledge in various areas of interest, core activities and themes, working together on research projects or research lines:

  • Health Economics, Technology Assessment
  • Health Policy Management and Logistics
  • Work and Health

Events, processes and effects in health care are important for both basic and applied research.

Examples of current research work include Market Dynamics in Hospital Care; work stress among teachers; co-operation in sickness absence guidance; gender differences in return to work after sickness absence; burnout among general practitioners; Economics of Healthy Behavior; Costs of Care and Trimming Wait-list Times by logistics improvements and operational management.

Hans Maarse

Portrait of Professor Hans Maarse

University of Maastricht
Faculty of Health Sciences
Department of Health Organizations,
Policy and Economics (BEOZ)
Universiteitssingel 40
6200 MD Maastricht

More info on Professor J.A.M. (Hans) Maarse PhD