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Research and Policy Links

On this site, we are listing links to university departments, research institutions, think tanks, and other platforms that focus on health policy and health services research and/or facilitate the interactions between the academic world and the policy world, as well as cross-country learnings.

Sites are from the U.S., Canada, Norway, the U.K., France, and Germany.

Harvard School of Public Health The overarching mission of the Harvard School of Public Health is to advance the public's health through learning, discovery, and communication. 
Urban Institute Health Policy Center

The Urban Institute's Health Policy Center analyzes trends and underlying causes of changes in health insurance coverage, access to care, and use of health care services by the entire US population. Researcher address issues that arise from trade-offs among health care costs, access, and quality. Center researchers also developed a Health Insurance Policy Simulation Model (HIPSM) which has the capability to examine the impact of coverage expansion proposals on private markets as well as on public programs.

AcademyHealth AcademyHealth is the professional home for health services researchers, policy analysts, and practitioners, and a leading, non-partisan resource for the best in health research and policy. AcademyHealth promotes interaction across the health research and policy arenas by bringing together a broad spectrum of players to share their perspectives, learn from each other, and strengthen their working relationships.
Kaiser Permanente International

Kaiser Permanente International is a consulting and educational arm of Kaiser Permanente, the largest nonprofit integrated health care delivery system in the United States. Kaiser Permanente International has assembled an extensive network of health care professionals who serve as the faculty for a variety of educational programs. It brings the knowledge of Kaiser Permanente  to governments, health plans, and other international institutions that are striving to improve their health care system.

Program in Policy Decision-Making, McMaster University

The Program in Policy Decision-Making, affiliated with McMaster University's Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis, conducts empirical research on how the general climate for efforts to link research to action, research-production processes and systematic efforts to link research to action (push and pull efforts, researcher-user exchange efforts) foster or hinder the use of research evidence in healthcare management and policymaking.

kunnskapssenteret - Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services

Founded in January 2004, the Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services is organised under the Norwegian Directorate of Health but is scientifically and professionally independent. The Centre gathers and disseminates evidence about the effect and quality of methods and interventions within all parts of the health services. The uptake of this evidence by the health services is also an important goal for the activities, but the Centre does not develop health policy nor does it hold responsibility to implement policies.

York Health Policy Group, Department of Health Sciences, University of York

The York Health Policy Group's work is focused on the development of the evidence base in health and health care policy through systematic reviews of the literature and the production of new knowledge in areas such as the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of health interventions, skill mix, human resources, organisational development and health care reform. Much of this has been disseminated through national and international distribution of publications such as the Effective Health Care bulletins and Health Policy Matters.

The York Health Policy Group comprises Maynard, Newbronner, Pearson, Richardson and Sheldon.

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine is Britain's national school of public health and a leading postgraduate institution worldwide for research and postgraduate education in global health. The school is the largest institution of its kind in Europe with a remarkable depth and breadth of expertise encompassing many disciplines. It is one of the highest-rated research institutions in the UK.

The New Health Network

The New Health Network was established in 1999 by health professionals to promote positive change in the NHS. It is a broad coalition of individuals and organisations committed to sustainable health service modernisation. This independent multi-professional network, a not-for-profit organisation, focuses exclusively on patient interests. It is committed to a safe, successful, efficient, caring health service funded through general taxation, available to all according to need not ability to pay.

Department of Epidemiology and Social Medicine, Medical Faculty, University of Hannover The Department of Epidemiology, Social Medicine and Health System Research at Hannover Medical School is one of the leading university-based public health departments in Germany.
EHMA - European Health Management Association The European Health Management Association is a membership organisation committed to improving healthcare in Europe by raising standards of managerial performance in the health sector.
iHEA - International Health Economics Association

The International Health Economics Association was formed to increase communication among health economists, foster a higher standard of debate in the application of economics to health and health care systems, and assist young researchers at the start of their careers.